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2016 Scholarship Recipient

Sochanngam Shirik
2016 NAF Scholarship Recipient

My wife and I came here to the US six years ago, and as most who are coming to the States for the first time, we were very excited. We had gotten married only a few months before we started this new phase of life—one that I have long dreamed of! Even though we had no sponsorship or close connection with anyone here, we were confident that God would lead us through this incredible journey. Our trip here was a honeymoon trip, and our experience has indeed been full of excitement!


My quest for further study intensified when I served for two years in a Bible college in India after my graduation. I graduated last year with an Advanced Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Currently, I am doing a Master of Theology in Theological and Historical Studies and am also in the process of applying for the PhD program.


I know that the other applicants are equally worthy of the scholarship, so I am very thankful to NAF for granting it to me, as I am also thankful to those who generously provided the fund. The NAF scholarship is a timely provision. Aside from the regular needs that students face, my wife and I have our second baby coming in February! Receiving this scholarship will not only enable me to set aside more time during this demanding season to attend to my wife, children, and studies, but also will encourage me to keep depending on God, knowing that He provides in many ways.


Amidst all the excitement and the intricacies of life here in the US, God has shown himself to be our provider and refuge. Our experience is a testimony that our heavenly Father knows our needs and is in control of all our lives.


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