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2014 Scholarship Recipients

Rachel Keyho 
2013-14 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

I’m a freshman at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I’m currently majoring in biotechnology and psychology. I graduated high school last May from Kodaikanal International School in Tamil Nadu, India. I am an only child and my parents are currently living in Nagaland.


This scholarship is really helpful for me, especially because I’m a first year college student and in between adjusting to the new place and studies, I wasn’t able to give too much of my time to work during my first semester. I’m so grateful and thankful to the NAF for the opportunity to apply and I’m so thankful to everyone else who contributed to make this possible.

Sashi Jamir
2013-14 Graduate Scholarship Recepient 

My name is M. Sashi Jamir, pursuing a PhD degree in Old Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky. Currently, I am working on my dissertation: “True and False Prophecy in Jeremiah 26-29.” I am married to my wonderful wife, Ellen Jamir, and we are blessed with two charming and bubbly daughters, Yusenti and Sayana.

Four years have elapsed since I embarked on my PhD journey. These four years have truly been a remarkable learning curve for me and my family. Academically, I have learned enormously engendering in me a cautious sense of confidence. Learning is indeed, a process and eternal; yet, I am confident of saying that my years at Asbury is enabling me to develop a matured hermeneutical lens to read, understand, and interpret God’s word and human worldviews which ultimately will enable me to contribute for the work of the Kingdom of God here and now.

As a family we are learning to trust our Lord first hand. It is my conviction that God is leading me and my family no matter what the situation is because it was He who opened my journey to Asbury in the first place. It is within this narrative of conviction that NAF scholarship becomes exceedingly meaningful and a tangible sign of our God’s faithfulness in my family’s story. Thank you NAF for your noble vision and generosity. Indeed, your kind vision has once again reminded me and my family that “the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever” (Psalm 117). My family’s endeavor here in the US is geared towards our ministry back home. It is to that end NAF scholarship has contributed. Thank you and God bless NAF.


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