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About the Naga American Foundation

Since its establishment, the Naga American Foundation, Inc. has undertaken the following activities in keeping with its corporate resolutions of promoting cultural, educational, and charitable goals:


  • Presented cultural events such as Naga dances, music and display of Naga traditional clothes at NAF gatherings.

  • Promoted its educational goals by having Naga scholars here in the USA, present various papers during NAF gatherings. Such presentations have always been followed by lively discussions.

  • Subsidized travel fares for students who otherwise would not have been able to attend the meetings.

  • Shared and supported the community in times of bereavement and illnesses.

  • Established a web site and an email list so that members can connect with each other as well as introduce new-comers to the organization.

  • Started a two scholarships for Naga students in the United States.

NAF invites active participation of all members and looks forward to feedback, as well as the continued support of its members. NAF is grateful to all its founding members who contributed much time, effort, and finances to get the Foundation established. 

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