The NAF Scholarships

Every year, the Naga American Foundation awards scholarship to students enrolled in studies in the United States. These scholarships are open to all Naga/Naga-American students enrolled in graduate or undergraduate programs in the US.

Further details about the 2022-23 scholarships will be posted during the Fall of 2022.

Questions? Please contact Justin Aier at

About the NAF Scholarships

The Inavi Saghu Undergraduate Scholarship is named in memory of Inavi Saghu, former NAF treasurer and pioneering member of the organization. Mr. Saghu passed away on October 6, 2020.

The Aryo Shishak Graduate Scholarship is named in memory of Dr. Aryo Shishak, an early pioneer of the NAF, and a former president and board member of the organization. Dr. Shishak passed away on September 24, 2017.