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2020 Dr. Aryo Shishak Memorial Scholarship Recipients


Sumshot Khular
Graduate Scholarship Recipient

My name is Sumshot Khular, from the Lamkang Naga tribe of Thamlakhuren village in Chandel district, Manipur, India.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in the Philosophy & Religion Department, with a minor in Linguistics, at the University of North Texas. My research areas focus on climate change and environmental impact on local communities leading to language loss, and relationship with water (in a NE case study).

I am excited as I start my second semester in the PhD program and look forward to being able to set an example for our young Naga scholars and students who would be interested and aspiring for higher education here in the US. As a Chevening Scholarship awardee back in 2004-2005, I would like to encourage our young Nagas about the British Council’s Chevening Scholarships, and the Commonwealth Scholarships which any aspiring students can apply for and avail themselves of such scholarships to study abroad.

I am grateful to the Naga American Foundation for the generous scholarship, which will help me with my tuition payments. Thank you all for the love, prayers, and support.

Aosanen Mar
Graduate Scholarship Recipient

Hello, my name is Aosanen Mar. I am a first year graduate student at Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC. I am in the department of Communication with my research focused on Information and Technology.

In college I was a computer application major. It started off with video and PC games but as a child growing up, I was always into computers. Comparatively, technology in India is not as widespread as it is here in America, and as for home, finding work in Nagaland with a degree in computer technology still has really low probability. It wasn’t the most favourable choice but with the support of my parents I decided to stick with my interests. I went from video editing and Photoshop to writing code and developing software. College was great. After graduation, as I was deciding on a Master’s degree to complement my Bachelor’s degree, God in all his graciousness opened the way to pursue my Master’s degree in Communication overseas. So far grad school has been great and I feel it is a perfect follow up to my Bachelor’s degree.

I am extremely humbled and thankful to receive this scholarship. It will be a great help and ease to cover my tuition. Thank you NAF for this opportunity and continue to inspire.

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